A Tokyo base creative director/ animator/ illustrator.

He has dedicated his career in advertising agencies such as Ogilvy Hong Kong, Tribal DDB Hong Kong, Tequila Hong Kong, Wunderman Singapore, XM Beijing and Arc Singapore for the past 13 years.


2014 ~ Shibuya 109 Fashion Catalog 


2012 ~ The Beatles Font Type Design

Typography Design

The Art of Diu (Diulogy) 

Diulogy paves a new arena for the vulgar expression of “diu”, one of the 5 most common vulgar Cantonese words. The Chinese character “𨳒”, literally means ‘fuck’, is decoded in different artistic forms and articulated through elegant motions. See video here.

Multitouch Table UI design for Fashion Cosmetic client

The King of Beast ~ Customize Vans Shoes

Animation~ Concept ~ illustration of the shoes

2013 ~ Eboy Lookalike Pixel Art City ~ Hong Kong & Shang Hai

Illustration for the back of a company name cards that featuring the kind of works the company does in the 2 cities. (Card 1.Retails segment and Card2.Themeparks & entertainment)

2011 ~ Animated Music Video for a Hong Kong Indie Band “Ni Ne Mo”

It’s a dream to be able to produce an animated Music Video alone. Here is something i have made for myself and the band.

2012 ~ Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel ORcode Video

Art Direction and illustration

2012 ~ Feature Artist of the Month ~ Takashi Murakami. WIP. Test rendered.

Illustration and Animation

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